Woman makes £255,000 from online competitions

A woman left her designer job and started working on online competitions to earn more money from home. The amazing thing is that she earned about £255,000 in prizes.
40 years old Di Coke earns more than £15,000 by participating in different competitions and contests every week.
She recently furnished her home and got an amount of £7,500 which she used for her marriage.



Maximus- Massive cat of 22 Lbs

The 5 years old cat Maximus from Petrozavodsk, north-western Russia is the biggest one of its kind by weighing 22 Lbs.
The owners Eugenia Kurovin and Leon bought the cat on their wedding in the year 2009. They told that they love cats very much especially big one.



Unattended children will be given mullets – LukeJacob Hairdressers

The new board placed by LukeJacob hair dressers is somewhat amazing. It is written that “Unattended children will be given mullets” which is a warning for parents.
The reason they say is the safety of kids. There are many sharp scissors and chemicals which are harmful and parent should take care of their kids.



Woman’s foot attached reverse in radical surgery

Foot of a woman joined in reverse in radical surgery. 22 years old Jordon Moody went for replacing thigh in operation at Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham.
The doctors advised the woman to operate her legs because of bone cancer. But after the operation she found that the doctors attached her knees in reverse position.



Woman walks in street with hidden cam

A woman walked about 10 hours in New York by keeping hidden camera to check the public reaction on a girl. She got 100’s of ugly comments from many people from many places in just 10 hours.
Shoshana Roberts, who is a Taekwondo black belt holder and Hollaback social experiment volunteer experienced lot of dirty comments from the people around her in the road side.



Scientist Claims the Existence of Aliens

A scientist recently claimed that aliens are real and they have long fingers than human beings. Also he told that the aliens are very friendly in nature.
The scientist Boyd Bushman created a video regarding this before he died in August. Also he published photos of aliens which are taken using disposable cameras.



London Flight delayed due to scary network name

London flight delayed about 17 hours due to scary wi-fi network name. A passenger put his wi-fi network name as ‘Al Quida Free Terror Network’ which made fear in flight authorities.
The network name observed by a passenger and informed the authorities. The officials stopped the departure of flight and started investigation to find the source of network but not found.



UK hits 20 degree Celsius temperature – Hottest Halloween

The temperature of UK reached 20 degree Celsius which is the hottest Halloween record. In many parts of the country the temperature is measured and confirmed.
According to the weather experts, the warmest climate conditions are possible in South East and Central London.



Underground tube seats in London are dirty?

The video shows the dust is hidden inside the tube seats of London. When we hit the seats with a hammer the dust which is formed in the cushion will come out.
Timeout magazine conducted a test with hammer to show the dirty seats in underground tube in London.