Police Killed New York Axe Attacker

According to the New York Police the person attacked two traffic police was a terrorist attack by a Muslim convert person. He injured 2 police officers and police killed him.
The terrorist who attacked police (Zale Thompson) was worked in US Navy before and not having any connection with any of the terrorist organizations.
He regularly watched videos of beheading on Al Qaeda websites – Police told.



Creative Agency Pays Employees for Tour

California based creative agency paid its employees for tour package. The company wants to become the best company in the world and so paid $1,500 to all employees for tour.
Also they told to take photos of tour and post in blog as inspiration.
Other instruction given by the company is that each person must go to a place where he or she never visited in their life time.



Working Transformer Robot – Reality

Someone made a robot recently which can change its shape to car automatically. It also works as a human robot which is amazing thing.
The transformer robot can move as car and can work as humanoid robot which attracts lot of people there.
Even if it is small one like a toy, the designers are now planning to make a big one.



Boy’s finger tips blows off after lighting fireworks

15 year old Dylan Cosgrove wants to show fireworks in Washington to her girl friend. He just took one and lit it from his bedroom and thrown outside. But it fell in the corner of the room which he tried took again and to throw out.
It got blasted from his hand and 7 bones broken due to it. Also his finger got burned badly.
Now I can feel the smell of burning flesh – he told.



Laziness Kills Just Like Smoking

Laziness or inactivity is a dangerous phenomenon which is very dangerous as smoking. It also kills a person slowly.
As per the recent report of Public Health England (PHE), it costs around £7.4bn every year due to inactivity in Britain.
As per the survey, one in two women and one third of men are having lack of exercise which effects badly to their health.



House owner shocked to see Ghost on her house

A house owner took the photo of her new house and posted it in facebook. When she looked the photo from near, saw somebody staring her from inside the window. She suddenly went inside to check but no one was there.
When she enlarged the photo and shocked to see that it was a ghost.
Now she thinks that her new house is haunted. She was in the home with her small daughter.



Miracle dog rescued by local animal control centre

Local animal control centre recently found a dog on the street eating rocks and twigs. Its body became too thin and bones are clearly visible through the skin. The rescue team told that the dog is still alive is a “Miracle”.
The animal control centre team took the dog with them and now giving medicines to bring back it to an active dog.



Shadow Chancellor escapes from spider attack

Mr. Ed Balls, the Shadow chancellor last day escaped from spider attack. He was discussing about the economic issues for BBC. Suddenly an eight legged freak crawls on the lens of the camera.
There is nothing harm happened and Mr.ED Balls is safe.



Now you can make anonymous posts in FB

Facebook recently released a new app by which user can now make anonymous posts. This will not be an issue for the users.
Standalone app for iOS “Rooms” will help the user to do anonymous posts to any wall. This helps the users to interact with any issues without displaying real name of the user.