260 Feet crater appeared in North Russia

The newly appeared crater is the main discussion among scientists now as they are comparing it to the Burmuda triangle where large ships and airplanes are pulling towards down by force.
A crater was created few months back in the Yamal peninsula of Northern Russia which can be through UFO or meteorite which is now under experiment.



Video of Drunk Girl in Public

Recently posted drunk girl in public video became viral in few days. Few men are taking advantage of the drunk girl when she came to public which is recorded and uploaded in YouTube.
The video got more than 9 million views in less span of time. The creator of the video, 20 year old Stephen Zhang told it is just a social experiment.



Smart pills that will make you stupid

Students recently used some pills which can boost their mental power but it went wrong as it gave reverse side effects. Modafinil, also known as Modalert, or Modavigil is the tablet that will make you stupid.
The amazing thing is that this medicine is available on internet to buy.



Nationwide bus tour protest over missing Mexican students

43 Mexican students are missing from 26th September. The students went for a protest over worker’s right and had clashed with police after which they vanished. The parents of the students have started a nationwide bus tour protest to arouse the government about the missing case.
Country’s attorney general said that suspected gangsters has confessed to killing the missing students.



Tree surgeon got injured badly after falling from tree

A tree surgeon got injured last day when he fallen from a tree. 30 year old Paul got injured seriously after falling from tree of 25 feet height.
He rushed into the hospital immediately and now is taking rest. He cannot move because of the hitting of his head on a concrete pole.



Passenger recorded UFO from plane

A passenger filmed an object that looks like alien spaceship from plane which is flying over Iran. There is no proof about it that the object is UFO but he claims it.
In the video there is a white circular object is flying with a speed which is less than the speed of the passenger flight from where the person took video.